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Troop 89 is a Scout-led program. Our Scouts, elected to leadership positions by their peers, set our calendar of events, lead our meetings, plan our adventures.

Organized into four Patrols (Phoenix, Ram, Buffalo and Lightning), there are ample leadership opportunities.

Our standard monthly calendar includes the following:
- Patrol Leaders Council (youth planning meeting) (held 1st Tuesday)
- Committee Meeting (parents) (held 2nd Monday)

- Troop Meeting (youth) (held 2nd Tuesday)

- Patrol Meetings (youth meet in small groups) (held 3rd Tuesday)
- Weekend event or camping trip (usually held 3rd weekend)
- Troop Meeting (youth) (held 4th Tuesday)
There are many times that this schedule has to be adjusted due to holidays, snow days, special events, etc, but we try to stick to it as much as possible.  Refer to the calendar on the homepage for more event information.

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